When will the 2021 academic session at GGSIPU begin?

When will the 2021 academic session at GGSIPU begin?

An announcement made by AICTE states that technical colleges will start in September. Universities received two letters from UGC in May, but none of the letters is regarding the academic sessions.

Several board exams are postponed because of the upsurge in the pandemic. This has lead to a delay in the 2021-22 academic sessions of many colleges and universities and several boards. No notifications are received from the University Grants Commission (UGC) about the start of non-technical and government colleges. 

When India was dealing with the first wave of COVD-19, a board was arranged by UGC to decide on the further academic sessions. Yet, no announcements are now made by UGC and even by the Ministry of Education regarding the new academic session of 2021-22.

The board arranged by UGC last year that the students who started their 1st year during the pandemic and now are continuing their 2nd year will begin their academic session in August 2021. But no notifications are issued for the batch who would be starting their college this year.


On 20 April and 12, May an email was sent to the government's PR arm, Press Information Bureau and a text message was sent to the Ministry of Education about the plans for the new academic year. Also, no response was received by UGC secretary Rajnish Jain when he was sent a text message.


Last week, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) had announced that the ongoing batches session will start from 1 September, and for new batches session will start from 15 September.


Two letters

A letter sent to universities on 5 May by UGC advised the colleges to postpone the offline exams scheduled in May and try to conduct online exams.

The letter sent by UGC secretary Jain can be quoted as "The situation may be relooked by the HEIs (higher education institutions) during next month for taking an appropriate decision in this regard."


After this letter, another was issued on Monday, stating that the universities "stand united in their fight against the pandemic."

The UGC chairman D.P. Singh requested all the vice-chancellors to work on the following things

  • Strict following of COVID guidelines.
  • Counselling of students, staff members.
  • Establishment of a team of the National Service Scheme (NSS) volunteers to help needy people.
  • Create a COVID task unit.

Response from GGSIPU



There is no response from GGSIPU yet on this. The management is still thinking about the next steps looking at the Covid situation.

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