Top IPU Mechanical Engineering Admission Colleges of GGSIPU(IPU)

Top IPU Mechanical Engineering Admission Colleges of GGSIPU(IPU)

IPU Mechanical Engineering Admission: We all have heard the famous dialog, “what is a machine?” from the movie 3 idiots, it was an iconic scene where Amir Khan who played Rancho explained that, “A machine is anything that reduces human efforts” just like that in mechanical engineering we can say that a mechanical engineer does work like maintaining, operating, developing machines.

Mechanical Engineering is one of the most engaging professions which is and always will be available in the market. The scope of mechanical engineering is wide as it provides job opportunities at the industrial level and different job roles.

Today we will discuss the scope and career opportunities in the field of mechanical engineering.

Scope in Mechanical engineering.

Due to the rapid industrialization of the country, industries such as automation have reached their boom period. This has made mechanical engineers the most popular bunch of engineers in recent times generating different job opportunities in both India and abroad.

There was a time when mechanical engineers were restricted to do a job in the manufacturing unit. But gone are those days, now students are frequently recruited by both private and public sectors.

Some most common jobs for mechanical engineers are:

  • Project Manager
  • Senior Engineer
  • Administration and Maintenance Engineer
  • Informative Designer
  • Educators/Lecturers
  • Mining Engineer
  • Patent Attorney
  • Advanced mechanics Engineer
  • Biomedical Engineer

The extent of development and professional success of mechanical specialists in India and abroad are stupendous. Talented mechanical architects have numerous chances in aviation, car, synthetic assembling plants, oil investigation, rail line mentor processing plant, exploration, and improvement. Because of the enormous convergence of innovation, a mechanical designer's aptitude is needed in mechanical technology, biomedical, nanotechnology, AI, energy preservation, and then some. This specialization guarantees remarkable development in the upcoming years.

What to do to become a mechanical engineer?

A four-year certification (B.Tech/B.E.) is crucial for having a career in mechanical engineering. Securing a postgraduate certificate (M.E. or on the other hand M.Tech.) is additionally suggested. Many students also go for studying management courses as a postgraduation which help them advance in their field.

There are many options available for students to study mechanical engineering in GGSIPU colleges.

Please see the list of IPU Mechanical Engineering Admission colleges offering mechanical engineering affiliated to GGSIPU

Admission Process for mechanical engineering at GGSIPU colleges

Admission to different programmes is based solely on the results of the National Testing Agency's Joint Entrance Exam (JEE)-Mains (NTA). The students are named according to their All-India Rank in their respective JEE exams (Mains). The University organizes two levels of counselling to complete the admissions process. Admission is based on a management quota. According to GGSIP University regulations, the management quota fills 10% of the seats in each course on a merit basis. Applications for the seats are advertised in newspapers.


Pass 12th Class in CBSE's 10+2 pattern or similar with a minimum aggregate of 55 percent in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, assuming the applicant passed each subject separately. In addition, the candidate must have passed the qualifying test with English as a subject (core, elective, or functional).


Admissions would be granted based on merit/rank in the JEE.

For more details, check the Video below

Career Prospects 

  • Mechanical Engineers students going for higher education in the field of research and education.
  • They are prepared to use and advance their designing abilities and add to applied assembling and mechanical examination projects.
  • A Ph.D. program can go from 3 to 6 years.
  • Hopeful applicants more likely than not scored at any rate 75% in B.E./B.Tech and additionally 65% in M.E./M.Tech.

Is Mechanical engineering the best choice to form a career?

Mechanical engineering being a successful industry does not mean that one will have a secured and successful career in it. It totally depends on the person’s skills, one must give his/her best to present themselves and make good decisions after their education qualifications.

But that doesn’t mean you can not do it. If you have what it takes to be a mechanical engineer it is a tough and challenging role but always achievable.

Keep in mind that you can have a variety of specialization fields available in your postgraduation. You must make a choice after asking yourself this question that ‘is this the thing you are interested in?’ if yes, you should do it with full confidence.

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